Magnetic resonance imaging of Tesla 1.5

MRI Tesla 1.5 is a high-tech and completely safe diagnostic method, recommended even for pregnant and small children. When a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan is performed, the directed magnetic field acts on the body, tissues and organs react to it in a certain way, and then the computer reads their response. This gives an accurate picture of the structure of the organs and allows revealing the slightest pathological changes. Thus, the organism does not receive any beam loading. You can make an MRI in our clinics 24 hours a day.


Ultrasound for today is, perhaps, the most accessible type of diagnostic instrumental procedures, the most reliable and necessary method of establishing a diagnosis. Ultrasound allows doctors to prescribe treatment in time and thereby save the life of the patient. This is due to its relatively low cost, maximum informativeness and absolute safety. The result of ultrasound is often the decisive factor in the diagnosis and choice of treatment for many diseases.

Computed Tomography

The method of computed tomography is based on fundamental developments in the field of physics, mathematics, medicine and engineering. During the examination of the tissue of your body, X-rays shine through, and the computer immediately analyzes the obtained data, creating images of individual virtual "slices". In modern multi-spiral tomography, the images of the tissues studied are more accurate, and the radiation load on the body is minimal. In this case, CT can be screened for people with pacemakers and other metal implants in the body. To pass CT in our clinics can be 24 hours a day.

Electrocardiography - Hollter

Functional diagnostics allows objectively using modern equipment to assess how a particular organ (or human body system) is coping with its work, how well it adapts to various loads.

Digital X-ray

X-ray is a simple, accessible and informative method of radio diagnosis that allows to assess the condition of the bones of the skeleton and soft tissues of the body. The resulting images show their structure, cavities, and places of inflammation, fluid or gas accumulation. With the help of an X-ray, you can conduct a quick and accurate diagnosis or monitor the treatment process. Our equipment allows us to obtain high-quality X-rays at the lowest radiation dose. Do x-rays in our clinics can be 24 hours a day (except dentistry).


Video colposcopy is an effective high-tech diagnostic method of investigation, the essence of which is to examine the walls of the vagina, the vaginal part of the cervix and the cervical canal using an optical device - a video-telescope.

Medical equipment

By collaborating with leading manufacturers and importers of medical technology in Europe and Russia, the company is the supplier of the widest range of high quality medical devices and equipment.

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