Gynecology and obstetrics

Some women frivolously risk their health and family happiness, postponing the visit to the gynecologist. Others - seek to cure themselves and also reduce their chances of recovery. Only a doctor can prescribe a treatment taking into account all the features of the body and the disease, give useful advice and do no harm, but help. That's why many advise our gynecologists best friends and they come to us again, with moms and daughters.

Treatment of hernias

The network of clinic "Lukmoni Hakim" is undergoing surgical treatment of hernia with modern methods that will save you from the problem forever. Leading herniologists operate in Tajikistan.


The condition of the heart and blood vessels affects the whole body and the quality of your life. There are many cardiovascular diseases, and often they begin and flow almost imperceptibly. Observation at the cardiologist will help in time to reveal changes, to keep your activity and long life expectancy.


Is a natural and effective method of preventing and treating a variety of diseases. A professional masseur can not just remove symptoms for a while, but also strengthen the body, speeding up your recovery. During the session, you will relax tired muscles and get rid of pain, work out minor shortcomings and get closer to the desired figure, feel rested and improve your mood - after all, massage is considered to be useful not only for the body, but for the soul!


Our cosmetologists are primarily doctors, from whom you will get a guaranteed and safe result. After all, attempts to solve aesthetic problems on their own are a difficult and inefficient way. "Funds from the store" act superficially and often harm if picked up incorrectly. For a long time to keep the skin healthy and young, to stay beautiful and be confident only an experienced cosmetologist will help you.


Headache, irritability, back pain - not always the result of stress or fatigue. Often this is how neurological diseases manifest themselves. Medication can relieve the pain, but it will return, if not eliminate the cause. Only a neurologist can accurately diagnose the disease, and most importantly - cure you.

Medical equipment

By collaborating with leading manufacturers and importers of medical technology in Europe and Russia, the company is the supplier of the widest range of high quality medical devices and equipment.

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