Digital X-ray

X-ray is a simple, accessible and informative method of radio diagnosis that allows to assess the condition of the bones of the skeleton and soft tissues of the body. The resulting images show their structure, cavities, and places of inflammation, fluid or gas accumulation. With the help of an X-ray, you can conduct a quick and accurate diagnosis or monitor the treatment process. Our equipment allows us to obtain high-quality X-rays at the lowest radiation dose. Do x-rays in our clinics can be 24 hours a day (except dentistry).

X-rays are required when necessary...

Diagnose the condition of bones and joints In injuries, fractures or diseases of the musculoskeletal system, an X-ray photograph will give the doctor more information than any external examination. He will help to choose the right treatment and avoid problems due to incorrect fusion of bones.

Examine the organs and cavities of the body X-rays can recognize many diseases: pneumonia, osteochondrosis, osteoarthritis and other pathologies of organs and joints. If there is a curvature of the nasal septum or inflammation in the paranasal sinuses, the X-ray will also reveal this.

Plan dental treatment

Teeth are the only visible part of our skeleton. If you have an abnormality of the bite, tooth decay, not completely removed root of the tooth, another serious treatment or implantation is required, the dentist can direct you to a radiology study.

Remember that only a certified specialist - an x-ray doctor - can be given a professional opinion on the X-ray image - focusing on the direction of your treating doctor.

All major types of X-rays

We perform X-ray examinations of most organs and systems of the body: as an overview (showing organs or organs in general - for example, chest x-ray), and sighting (detailing a specific area - for example, a tooth or bone fragment). X-rays will provide accurate data for objective diagnosis and help monitor the progress of your treatment.

  • Chest X-ray
  • X-ray of the spine
  • X-ray of bones and joints
  • X-ray of the hip joint
  • X-ray of the knee joint
  • X-ray of the elbow joint
  • X-ray of wrist and hand joints
  • X-ray stop
  • X-ray edges
  • X-ray of the skull
  • X-ray of the paranasal sinuses
  • Orthopantomogram
  • Intravenous excretory urography

Expert equipment

Our clinic has modern radiographic equipment from European manufacturers. Apparatus can be quickly adjusted to any patient, and they have a reduced radiation load.

If the X-ray needs to be made to your child, then during the session you can be near him - for this the doctor will give you additional protection. Also, he will provide protection for organs and parts of the child's body, the examination of which is not required.

Doctors of high qualification

Carrying out quality X-ray diagnostics is impossible without high professional skills. Our doctors are aware of the latest achievements in radiation diagnostics and not only know how to correctly describe the pictures, but also what aspect is optimal for each specific case and patient. They will draw up an accurate medical report, identify threats to your health and effectively monitor the treatment process further.

Medical equipment

By collaborating with leading manufacturers and importers of medical technology in Europe and Russia, the company is the supplier of the widest range of high quality medical devices and equipment.

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