Video colposcopy is an effective high-tech diagnostic method of investigation, the essence of which is to examine the walls of the vagina, the vaginal part of the cervix and the cervical canal using an optical device - a video-telescope.

Video colposcopy – is an indispensable method in the work of doctors, the network of Lukmoni Hakim clinics, because it allows you to see even the smallest changes in the structure of the vaginal and cervical mucosa, and carrying out the Schiller test during colposcopy allows one to suspect such diseases that, without using diagnostic tests with acetic acid And Lugol's solution are not visible even at multiple magnification (for example, cervical dysplasia).

Video-colposcope allows real-time monitoring and visualization of the mucous membranes of the vagina and cervix, as the entire research process is broadcast on a large screen connected to the colposcope.

Possibilities of video-colposcopy, helps in the final diagnosis of the following diseases.

  • Benign and malignant lesions of the mucous membrane of the vagina
  • Condylomas and papillomas of the vaginal and cervical mucosa
  • Other diseases of the cervix:

- Hyperplasia of tissues in the cervical canal

- Polyps of the cervix and cervical canal

- Cervical erosion

- Endometriosis of the cervix and uterine space

- Leukoplakia, dysplasia, erythroplasty of cervix uteri

- All stages of cervical cancer

- The difference between all types of benign and malignant tumors of the cervix and vagina.

Advantages of video-colposcopy:

  • The method is absolutely painless, since there is no contact between the equipment and the tissue site under investigation.
  • It allows to identify the disease at the earliest stage (thanks to a 30-fold increase), helps to monitor the treatment process to evaluate its effectiveness.
  • Thanks to real-time image translation on a large screen, it is possible to conduct a study by a group of doctors, which helps to collectively diagnose correctly, and also videotape the study and / or save photos of each stage of colposcopy.
  • The image can be seen by the woman herself, which is of great importance for further treatment. Since patients, not seeing their pathology, often distrust the diagnosis and treatment prescribed.
  • Ability to record research results on any digital media.
  • Videocolposcopy of the cervix allows you to take the material from a suspicious area (biopsy) as accurately as possible for histological examination.

During video-colposcopy, it is possible to conduct an additional examination - an iodine test, or a Schiller test.

The essence of the Schiller test consists in staining the cervix with an iodine solution and evaluating the result: healthy tissue areas are well colored in brown, and lighter ones may be suspicious of dysplasia. It is from these bright areas that the material is taken for further in-depth study, histological study.

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