If you need consultation of a neurosurgeon, contact the «Lukmoni Hakim» clinic network. Here you can pass a survey, preparation for the surgical treatment of diseases of the brain and spinal cord, and subsequent rehabilitation. The operation itself will be performed in the specialized center of neurosurgery in Tajikistan.

Neurosurgery is an area of medicine engaged in diagnostics and surgical treatment of diseases of the nervous system - central and peripheral. These include the pathology of the brain and spinal cord and vessels feeding them, peripheral nerves, nerve nodes, plexuses, bones of the skull, and the spine.

When is it necessary to consult a neurosurgeon?

Most often, and this is correct, the patient first turns to a neurologist, since most of the neurological pathology can be successfully treated therapeutically (without surgery). A neurologist, conducts the necessary examination and, if necessary, conservative treatment. If a patient has a neurological disease requiring surgical care, the neurologist sends the patient to a consultation with a neurosurgeon who decides whether the patient needs treatment at a specialized neurosurgery center.

Symptoms of diseases requiring consultation of a neurologist and, probably, a neurosurgeon

  • Pain in the neck, back, waist, extremities, giving off along the nerve
  • Feeling numb and "goose bumps" in the fingers or toes
  • Headache
  • Noise in ears
  • Dizziness
  • Fainting, attacks of darkening of consciousness
  • Violations of speech, breathing, swallowing
  • Impaired balance, coordination of movements
  • Tremor, trembling of hands
  • Nystagmus (involuntary repetitive eye movements)
  • Violation of muscle tone (spasms of muscles, paresis, paralysis)
  • Change gait, violent poses (due to muscle spasm), movement
  • Convulsions

Diseases that may require treatment in the center of neurosurgery

Injuries and diseases of the spine, manifested neurological disorders. Including intervertebral hernia (herniated discs) is the most frequent reason for contacting a neurosurgeon.

  • Tumors of the brain
  • Craniocerebral trauma and their complications
  • Some cases of cerebral circulation disorders
  • Diseases of the brain, incl. Encephalopathy, Parkinson's disease, oncological, vascular diseases
  • Pathology of the spinal cord - trauma, disease, vascular pathology, tumors
  • Damage to peripheral nerves
  • Anomalies of the development of the brain, its membranes, skull bones

Neurosurgery in the network of clinic "Lukmoni Hakim"

In the network of clinics "Lukmoni Hakim" consultative reception is conducted by a neurosurgeon, a specialist (Last Name)

At the consultation of a neurosurgeon:

The doctor will examine all clinical data, the results of computer or magnetic resonance imaging, which the patient should bring with him, the conclusion of the referring neurologist, if necessary, of other specialist doctors, will provide an accurate diagnosis, determine the need, type and tactics of surgical treatment.

Answer the patient's questions about his illness, planned treatment, possible threats and predictions.

He will tell about the preparation for the operation, postoperative rehabilitation.

Will help with the organization of neurosurgical treatment on the basis of specialized specialized centers of neurosurgery in Tajikistan.

Neurosurgeon in the network of clinic "Lukmoni Hakim" specializes in the surgical treatment of Parkinson's disease, torsion dystonia, extrapyramidal hyperkinesis, spastic syndromes, head and spinal cord tumors, cerebral aneurysms, peripheral nerve injuries, intervertebral disc herniation, neurogenic pain syndromes.


X-ray, CT and MRI

Computer and magnetic resonance imaging is one of the leading methods of diagnosis in neurosurgery, our clinic is available around the clock.

For more budget diagnosis, the doctor may confine himself to a less informative, but more affordable, X-ray study when diagnosing a diagnosis.

Optimal in each case, the method of investigation is determined by the neurologist who directed the tomography, as well as the doctor of radiation diagnosis, who conducts the X-ray, CT or MRI.

In the network of clinic "Lukmoni Hakim" patients are available two magnetic resonance tomographs - open and closed type, different intensity of the magnetic field, as well as a multispiral computer tomograph. Therefore, it is possible to choose the optimal apparatus for each case.

If necessary (in case of severe claustrophobia, in case of pain interfering with staying still during the study), MRI can be performed in a state of sedation (sleep). Then an anesthesiologist attends the procedure.


Electromyography (EMG) allows the doctor to assess the transmission of electrical impulse along the nerves, the state of muscles, helps in the diagnosis of many diseases - myopathy, neuropathies of various genesis, neuritis, multiple sclerosis, etc.

A network of clinic "Lukmoni Hakim" conducts stimulation and needle EMG. Optimal for each case, the study appoints a neurologist.


Electroencephalography, recording the electrical activity of the brain, reflects the work and interaction of its various sections (cortex, subcortical structures, hemispheres among themselves), and also reveals the presence of foci of epileptic activity, convulsive readiness. This is important in the diagnosis of many diseases - B. Alzheimer's, encephalopathies, including vascular origin, etc.

Ultrasound of cerebral vessels

The network of clinic "Lukmoni Hakim" carries out ultrasonic triplex scanning of blood vessels, which allows to evaluate the correctness of the development of the vasculature, blood flow with color coding blood flow, patency of the vessels, valvular apparatus on veins.

If necessary, CT or MRI angiography (vascular study) may be performed. These methods are preferred, for example, for the study of intracranial vessels, since skull bones make it difficult to diagnose ultrasound.

Laboratory diagnostics

A wide arsenal of laboratory studies helps the doctor to more accurately determine the causes of neurological symptoms and syndromes, and, therefore, choose the right treatment tactics. The neurologist and other specialized specialists (depending on the disease) determine the volume of necessary laboratory tests.


• Magnetic resonance tomograph Siemens MAGNETOM C!

• Magnetic resonance tomograph «MAGNETOMSymphony» (Siemens)

• Multispiral computer tomograph «SIEMENS SomatomEmotion 16»

• The device for carrying out EEG and EMG "Neuron-spectrum-4 / VPM"

• Radiographic system SiemensMultixPro

• Apparatus ultrasound Logiq 7 GE

• Apparatus ultrasound of SiemensAcuson X300 (Germany)

• Apparatus ultrasound Logiq 5 (USA)

Treatment for patients of a neurosurgical profile

The network of clinic "Lukmoni Hakim" is possible:

  • Preparation for neurosurgical operations (examination, diagnosis - laboratory, functional - EMG, EEG, ECG, wbac, radiation - X-ray, CT, MRI, ultrasound)
  • Assistance in the organization of surgical treatment in a specialized center of neurosurgery in Tajikistan
  • Rehabilitation and recovery treatment after discharge from the neurosurgical hospital (conservative treatment under the guidance of a neurologist, if necessary - a neurosurgeon, physiotherapy, massage, osteopathy, manual therapy, exercise therapy)
  • Some invasive neurosurgical manipulations that do not require hospitalization in the specialized center of neurosurgery (filling baclofen, morphine pump)

If you or your family suffer from back pain, limbs, headaches, suffering from dizziness, noise in the ears or other anxiety symptoms, contact the neurologist and, if necessary, the neurosurgeon in time. You can save yourself or your loved ones, restore activity, mobility and high quality of life.

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