Gynecology and obstetrics

Some women frivolously risk their health and family happiness, postponing the visit to the gynecologist. Others - seek to cure themselves and also reduce their chances of recovery. Only a doctor can prescribe a treatment taking into account all the features of the body and the disease, give useful advice and do no harm, but help. That's why many advise our gynecologists best friends and they come to us again, with moms and daughters.

Examination of a gynecologist is necessary if ...

  • You care about your female health From birth to menopause and further every woman should closely monitor the condition of her body. This will help you maintain reproductive health and get a bright sensation during sex, be ready for age-related changes and prolong your youth.
  • You lead an active sexual lifeNot only the change of a sexual partner, but also the climate change carries certain risks due to an alien local microflora. A gynecologist will help you get rid of unwanted problems in time.
  • You have irregularities in the menstrual cycle.Identifying the causes and proper selection of hormonal therapy will help restore the cycle, get rid of the monthly pains, mood swings and other symptoms associated with "internal" circumstances.
  • You dream about a child Sometimes to get pregnant and keep a pregnancy, you need to make a lot of effort. We will help you become a mother - we will collect all the necessary tests, together we will overcome the existing obstacles in case of identified infertility and help to make a healthy baby with the help of pregnancy management programs.
  • You have problems with gynecology.If you have an identified female disease, then you probably understand the importance of seeing a gynecologist. The doctor will help to overcome the disease and reduce the risks associated with them.

When you need a consultation with a gynecologist?

  • Even serious problems begin almost imperceptibly, so pay attention to the following symptoms:
  • You experience itching and burning of female organs
  • There were discharge or bleeding
  • Feel pain in the lower abdomen or chest
  • Menstrual cycle was broken
  • Without a reason, he throws something in the heat, then in the cold
  • Can not Get Pregnant
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Problems in intimate life

If you have any of these symptoms, sign up for a gynecologist.

Also remember: to pass consultation of the gynecologist of times in half a year it is recommended everyone.

What diseases do we treat?

When a disease is detected, it is important not only to cure it, but also to maintain its overall health and avoid complications.

  • • Thrush (Candidiasis)
  • • Dysbacteriosis of the vagina (vaginosis)
  • • Inflammation of the vagina (vaginitis)
  • • Female sexual infections (herpes, chlamydia, cytomegalovirus and others)
  • • Condylomas and papillomas (HPV)
  • • Ovarian Cysts
  • • Polyps of the uterus
  • • Painful menstruation (dysmotorrhea)
  • • Frigidity
  • • Climax
  • • Urinary incontinence
  • • Pathologies of pregnancy
  • • Postpartum diseases
  • • Ovulation and prolapse of the vagina
  • • Omission and prolapse of the uterus
  • • Ovulation of the rectum
  • • Infertility and other gynecological diseases
  • • Surgical treatment of cystocele (bladder oppression)

Our doctors specialize in gynecology, urogynecology, gynecological endocrinology, surgical interventions in gynecology and intimate plastic of different levels of complexity.

How do we achieve the result?

Doctors of high qualification

You do not need to go to different specialists - you solve any issue of women's health at a doctor's reception due to his high qualification. Gynecologists of our clinics are delicate and tactful, so you can feel free to discuss with them any problem: from violations in the sexual sphere to diseases requiring surgery

Choose a specialist

Modern diagnostic methods

We use both standard and long-established methods of diagnosis in gynecology and obstetrics of gynecological diseases, and modern high-tech. On the survey near you your relatives can always be present.

  • Laboratory studies Detailed analysis of the state of female health and the causes of gynecological diseases: the study of microflora, hormonal status, cytology, the definition of oncomarkers, as well as many other types of special studies.
  • Ultrasound of the pelvic organs 4 types of Ultrasound diagnostics will help to conduct a survey not only accurately, but also comfortably - including for girls and girls who did not have sexual intercourse.
  • 3D and 4D ultrasound of the fetusUltrasound examination, giving a voluminous image of the future baby on the monitor screen. Photo or video can be recorded and taken with you.
  • MRI of pelvic organsStudy with magnetic fields. Identifies the features of the structure of the pelvic organs in the most accurate resolution, including helping to find even the smallest tumor.
  • Colpos and video-colposcopy Inspect the vagina and cervix with a special device - a binocular with a backlight system. Allows you to make a conclusion about the general condition of the mucosa, identify lesions and assess the effectiveness of the treatment.
  • Hydro sonographyUltrasound examination of the uterus and patency of the fallopian tubes when they are filled with liquid. One of the main methods of determining the cause of infertility.
  • Cardiotocography and dopplerometryTechniques that allow you to track the course of pregnancy: with their help you can hear the baby's heartbeat in the womb and examine the blood flow in the vessels of the uterus and the baby.

Effective approaches to treatment and prevention

Strict adherence to sanitary norms, scientifically proven methods of diagnosis and treatment of gynecological diseases allow us to act accurately and safely. Our doctors not only advise you and prescribe a therapy, but, if necessary, will conduct surgical treatment of gynecological or aesthetic orientation.

  • Selection of contraceptionDevelopment of effective tactics of family planning, cycle management and hormone replacement in menopause: from intrauterine contraceptive systems to combined oral contraceptives (COCs). In the latter case, we will select the means that will improve your appearance and do not lead to weight gain or the risk of thrombosis.
  • Laser treatmentThe removal of erosions, cysts, genital warts and other tumors with the help of high-frequency laser radiation is safe and less traumatic.
  • Hysteroscopic operationsRemoval of polyps, myomas, septa and adhesions in the uterine cavity through natural access. It is carried out with the help of special small tools, at the ends of which micro cameras are installed. Laparoscopic operations Malotraumatic intervention allows you to remove spikes and neoplasms in the pelvic organs as safely as possible, completely preserving your beauty. The entire operation is performed under anesthesia through small punctures on the abdomen, while the doctor monitors his actions with the help of a special camera.
  • Treatment of infertilityWhatever the cause of infertility, from immunological to psychogenic, our specialists will find it and take all the necessary complex measures. We will give you the happiness of motherhood, as already presented to thousands of our patients.
  • Conducting pregnancyCare for preserving the health of the baby and mother at all stages of pregnancy: taking into account all the risk factors, dispensary observation, screening and comprehensive treatment in the event of any pathology.
  • Termination of pregnancySafe and painless termination of pregnancy in the early stages with the help of medicinal techniques or vacuum aspiration technology.
  • Intimate Plastic Changing and reconstructing the form of female genital organs with aesthetic or curative purposes: from solving the problem of urinary incontinence to intensifying orgasm. We conduct both surgical and contour (injection) plastics. Also our doctors conduct hymenoplasty - an operation to restore the hymen.
  • Extracorporeal hemocorrection (EG) To deliver the medicine to the site of inflammation, the patient's own blood components are used, resulting in a more targeted and effective treatment.

More about the methods of treatment and prevention in gynecology you will tell the doctor for a consultation.

Convenient integrated programs

We are attentive to women of different ages and successfully help each to not only improve their health, but also to find harmony with themselves. In order to save your time and budget, we have developed special programs.

Diagnostic programs will assess your women's health and help in time to detect diseases:

  • "Express examination for women" For those who have doubts about their women's health
  • "Examination of a woman" For those who want to know about their health more fully
  • "Women's Clinical Care" For those who have identified diseases

Programs aimed at combating specific diseases:

  • "Examination for infection" (herpes, chlamydia, cytomegalovirus and others)
  • "Thrush - diagnosis and treatment of candidiasis"
  • "Diagnosis of HPV - human papillomavirus"
  • "Preparation for the treatment of cicatricial scar deformation"

Family planning programs will help you to have the desired number of children and not depend on the case:

  • "Selection of intrauterine contraception" For those who want confidence and reliability
  • "Selection of oral contraception" For those who are looking for additional benefits for their health
  • "Pregnancy planning" For those who want a child

Annual programs will give you maximum opportunities to maintain your well-being:

  • "Women's health" For those who need complex treatment of gynecological diseases
  • "Maternity" For those who are preparing to become a mother

For visits to the gynecologist without restriction of the number of consultations, a special program "Personal physician" operates.

Medical equipment

By collaborating with leading manufacturers and importers of medical technology in Europe and Russia, the company is the supplier of the widest range of high quality medical devices and equipment.

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