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Functional diagnostics allows objectively using modern equipment to assess how a particular organ (or human body system) is coping with its work, how well it adapts to various loads.

Electrocardiography (ECG)

It allows you to evaluate the activity of the heart by registering electrical activity, fix various rhythm disturbances and clarify the type of arrhythmia, determine ischemia (insufficient blood supply) of the heart muscle, diagnose or, on the contrary, exclude many serious heart diseases (eg, myocardial infarction). Moreover, our cardiologists can conduct an ECG both at the Center and at home at the patient.


If there is a need for constant monitoring of the patient's cardiac activity, we suggest that he buy a cardiophone. This is a miniature personal electrocardiograph that allows the patient to write ECG on his own and send it by phone (including mobile) to the cardio control room of our center. The doctor will decode the ECG and promptly inform the patient what to do and if necessary send an ambulance to the patient

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By collaborating with leading manufacturers and importers of medical technology in Europe and Russia, the company is the supplier of the widest range of high quality medical devices and equipment.

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