Phlebology (treatment of veins)

Phlebologist - your faithful assistant, if the veins cease to keep themselves "in shape". The doctor will correct visible defects - remove the vascular "stars" and cure varicose veins, and most importantly - prevent the development of serious diseases, such as thrombophlebitis.

The earlier you contact a phlebologist, the higher the probability of successful treatment.

Phlebologist is needed if you want ...

  • Get Rid of Vascular Diseases Vascular diseases spoil your life: legs often reduce, it's hard and painful to walk. You do not have to endure it and write off on heredity, age or excess weight. Think about whether to launch the disease, if the phlebologist can help you recover quickly, painlessly and effectively.
  • Avoiding complications of vascular disease. Running varicose veins, atherosclerotic changes in the arteries can lead to severe consequences - up to the formation of trophic ulcers and gangrene. Therefore, in time, the initiated drug therapy or surgical treatment will help stabilize the process and avoid serious complications.
  • Have beautiful legs without varicose veins Vesicular mesh and deformity of veins appear in 80% of women and 30% of men. For any woman, their appearance is especially offensive and unpleasant. The professional help of a phlebologist will bring back your legs an attraction and will allow you to walk again in a skirt as long as you want.

When is a phlebologist needed?

Consultation phlebologist is necessary already at the first signs of unhealthy veins:

  • It became hard to stand or walk for a long time
  • Vascular "asterisks" appeared on the skin
  • Burning sensation, heat, itching, pain in the legs
  • Swelling and heaviness in the legs
  • Leg cramps
  • Became brightly visible or appeared swollen veins
  • The skin on the lower leg
  • There are soreness or tightness in the veins

It is also better to be safe if there are the following provoking factors:

  • Two or more pregnancies
  • Overweight
  • Heredity
  • Reception of oral contraceptives or other hormonal drugs

What diseases do we treat?

  • Phlebeurysm
  • Teleangiectasia ("asterisks")
  • Thrombophlebitis
  • Post thrombophlebic disease
  • Thrombosis
  • Trophic ulcer
  • Chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) and other "vein diseases"

The doctor will listen, what exactly you are disturbed and will study a case history. Conduct an examination and, if necessary, an initial examination. Define the optimal treatment tactics.

How do we achieve the result?

Doctors of high qualification

Reception is conducted by phlebologists - candidates of medical sciences and doctors of the highest qualification category, whose experience is inextricably linked with the daily practice of vascular surgery. Thanks to this, the jeweler's precision of actions and treatment schemes is achieved. Our doctors personally conduct all stages of diagnosis and treatment, from primary examination and ultrasound diagnosis to complex surgical procedures.

Choose a specialist

Modern diagnostic methods

Any pathology of veins requires thoughtful diagnosis. We use modern and high-tech survey methods that are safe, informative and do not take up much of your time.

  • Ultrasound of vessels (ultrasound Doppler). It is also a triplex scan of blood vessels. The best of modern methods of diagnosing the condition of veins, allowing to see the image and operation of blood vessels in real time, to assess the state of the venous bed and blood flow disorders.
  • CT angiography (computed tomography of vessels) Radiographic technique, in which a special contrast agent is injected into the bloodstream. Allows you to create a detailed 3D model of a vessel or an entire area to accurately determine the location of the veins, their condition, including varicose veins, thrombi and inflammation of the veins.

More information about the methods of diagnosis in phlebology you will tell the doctor for advice.

Effective approaches to treatment and prevention

In time, the treatment will prevent the progression of the disease, so surgery may not even be required. Your treatment can be limited to special physical exercises and therapeutic means. If the operation is necessary, our doctors will conduct it with the help of safe and innovative methods.

If necessary, you will receive advice from any related specialist: cardiologist, gynecologist, endocrinologist, nutritionist and others. If supervision is required for a phlebologist permanently, you can use a special program with an unlimited number of consultations "Personal Doctor".

  • Pharmacotherapy Individually selected medications - tablets, ointments, injections - will remove unpleasant symptoms, improve blood flow and the general condition of blood vessels.
  • Compression Treatment A simple and effective way to improve the condition of veins. Focusing on your testimony, the doctor selects knitwear for optimal elastic compression: product type, class, pressure profile, individual measurements.
  • Sclerotherapy "Sealing" a problem vein with the help of the introduction of a special drug (sclerosant). We carry out both microsclerotherapy, which is suitable for small vessels, and foam sclerotherapy, applicable for larger veins.
  • Phlebectomy (removal of veins) The doctor completely removes the sick vein. Most often the method is used in the late stages of the disease. A rapid and effective technique prevents serious risks of complications or a threat to life. Often the technology requires subsequent conservative and restorative treatment.
  • Radiofrequency obliteration of veins (RFO, CLOSURE Fast). Alternative to phlebectomy: low-traumatic and gentle method of treating varicose with microwaves. Through a microprojector, a special probe is inserted into the vein, which he warms up with microwaves from the inside. After that, the lumen of the vein collapses and does not bother anymore. RFE does not require hospitalization, is performed under local anesthesia and is characterized by a minimal risk of complications. You will quickly return to normal life.

More about the methods of treatment in phlebology you will tell the doctor at the consultation

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