This treatment is natural and transformed by natural factors, such as constant and pulsed currents, ultrasound, electric and magnetic fields, heat, light, water and other physical possibilities.

A patient who has completed at least one competently chosen course of physiotherapy will necessarily evaluate its effectiveness, safety, economy, and also the comfort of procedures. No expensive medicine, no jabs! The sensations are simply pleasant sessions of rest, and physiotherapy is sometimes more effective than many other types of treatment, being more economical.

Advantages of physiotherapeutic methods of treatment

  • The same kind of physiotherapy works well for various diseases, as well as for the prevention of complications. Correctly chosen mode of operation of the device, selection of a suitable method for the patient is the key to success in solving a variety of medical problems. A sufficient set of modern equipment provides a multifactorial physiotherapeutic effect for the full rehabilitation of patients with many diseases and injuries.
  • Harmonizing, normalizing effect of physiotherapy, which allows using the same method both to suppress the strengthened and to stimulate the weakened function of organs and tissues.
  • Combination of local therapeutic effect on the diseased organ and systemic effect of activation of compensatory-adaptive reactions of the organism, improvement of blood circulation, beneficial effect on the central nervous system.
  • Good tolerability of procedures, a small number of side effects, incomparable with pharmacotherapy, long aftereffect - can significantly reduce the symptoms of the underlying disease, not only during procedures, but also for a long time after their completion. One course of complex physiotherapy prolongs remission.

The methods of physiotherapy used in our clinic:

  • Galvanization, drug electrophoresis
  • Decimetre therapy
  • Diadynamic currents
  • Interference therapy
  • Laser and magnetolaser therapy
  • Magnetotherapy
  • Sinusoidal modulated currents (CMT therapy)
  • Ultrasound therapy, phonophoresis
  • Ultraviolet irradiation
  • Lymphatic drainage and vacuum therapy on the BodyDrain machine
  • Electrosleep

Medical equipment

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